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TT2000 Long Distance Ride Fri 28 Feb - Sun 1 Mar 2020

  • 4 August 2019
  • Author: Circle NZ
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TT2000 Long Distance Ride Fri 28 Feb - Sun 1 Mar 2020

TT2000 Long Distance Motorcycle Rally: 12.00pm Fri 28 Feb - 12:00pm Sun 1 Mar. 2020

What is the TT2000?  Simply put, the TT2000 is an annual challenge thrown out to any motorcyclist who is interested in long-distance riding and would like to join others in a road ride covering 2,000 kms in a weekend. It is not exactly an Iron Butt Rally nor is it the Long Way Down Under. However you could use the word 'endurance' when comparing it to a normal weekend's outing. Each year the route changes. In 2009 the route took in the South Island's Four Passes - Lewis, Arthurs, Haast and Lindis. In 2010 the route was in the northern half of the South Island. In 2011 the route took in the best of the bottom half. In 2012 the 'basic' route took in Mt Cook and was predominantly in the top half. In 2013, riders stayed mostly on the eastern seaboard and plotted their own route around 70 checkpoints from Central Otago to Tasman. In 2014 North Islanders were saved the long commute to the start by the organisers introducing dual starts in both islands with half the checkpoints north of the Strait. 2015 and 2016 continued the dual start concept and expanded the area covered by the riders in the South Island. The 2017 rally was the 9th TT2000 event and offered checkpoints in four distinct groups - north, south, east and west. The 2018 rally, the 10th TT2000 event, had 50 checkpoints, each representing a chapter in Mike Hyde's book "Twisting Throttle New Zealand" - a Kiwi's guide to the top 50 motorcycle rides in the Land of the Long White Cloud. The 2019 rally took riders on two big loops within the South Island, one north of Christchurch and the other to the south. In a first for the TT2000 rally, the 2020 event will be held entirely within the North Island, using the same format as the 2019 event in the South Island.
The team at CircleNZ have already planned their basic ride, and here it is. We'll ride it either clockwise or anticlockwise depending on the weather, at the moment it's a tad under 2,000km but by the time we'd added a few of the 'flyer' and 'adventure' checkpoints we'll easily make the mileage. And of course there are those pesky 'mystery' checkpoints to find, each worth another 7,000 points.

What are checkpoints you ask? Well, not only do you have to ride the 2,000+km you also have to visit certain checkpoints in order to accumulate a minimum of 100,000 'points'. The trick here is to plan a route which takes in enough checkpoints and mileage and still allows you to finish in time. Sounds easy? In theory yes, but when you take in the vagaries of weather, the need to sleep, fuel, eat and maybe have a quick chat to the locals it may not be quite the walk in the park it first appears.
To enter go to the TT2000 Home Page
The ride would be described as a fairly challenging road trip spanning a long weekend (Fri-Sun) in some of the country's best scenery and more than likely on roads you have never been on before. Make yourself a coffee, settle down at the computer and take an hour to browse Checkpoints Home Page
The page How The Rally Works is a good place to start if this is new to you.  Happy riding and see you at the start.
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