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The Jailhouse Accommodation, Christchurch

  • 25 June 2018
  • Author: Circle NZ
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The Jailhouse Accommodation, Christchurch


Fancy spending a night in jail?  For something completely different why not spend a night at the Jailhouse, Christchurch.  Built in 1876 this prison was used right up until 1999 when it was sold before being converted to a hostel in 2006.  The cells are warm and comfortable with enough room for you and your inmate. Voted Top Backpacker Hostel in Oceania by Hostelworld guests this year, as well as being consistently highly recommended in Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. The renovated heritage accommodation has had a very fascinating history as the Addington Prison from 1874 to 1999, and since opening as a backpackers hostel in 2006.
The suburb of Addington has become an entertainment hub with awesome new cafés and bars having recently opened, as well as being very close to the Railway Station, AMI Stadium, Horncastle Arena, Addington Raceway and Hagley Park.
The Jailhouse has rooms available to suit everyone and welcome children, youth and adults of all ages to experience the special budget accommodation.
The hostel is clean, warm and friendly with super-comfortable inner-sprung beds, the rooms are not big (well they are prison cells after all!) but the hostel has a well equipped kitchen, a TV lounge, cinema room and sitting areas. Free wifi also available along with expresso coffee and a very warm welcome.
jailhouse cell

Location, 338 Lincoln Road, Christchurch.


Constructed in 1874 out of 60cm thick concrete, which at the time was a relatively new material, the building has survived in pristine condition. When opened, the building catered for the needs of both sentenced and remand prisoners. Over the years the building has been used as a jail, a woman's prison and briefly as a military camp. The Mountfort cell block and remaining perimeter walls are scheduled as a protected item, for historical and architectural reasons, in the Christchurch City Plan. The prison was closed in 1999, meaning all Christchurch Prisons were then located outside of the city boundaries. The prison lay empty until early 2006 when the building was bought by local couple Kirsty and Grant, who renovated the building and Jailhouse Accommodation opened in late 2006. The Jailhouse is now a top-rated, award-winning, budget backpacker hostel and a fine asset for Christchurch City.


My wife and I recently stayed there to celebrate our 25th wedding, she made the surprise (to me) booking so I'm just hoping that while she does have a wicked sense of humour, there's not a subliminal message hidden in there....

For more information visit The Jailhouse or +64 3 982 7777

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