Meet The Team

“I am a pioneer now, looking onto a promised land.”
Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values


Clive wearing yellow fluro motorcycle jacket

Clive - That Tall Bloke

Clive bought his first motorcycle in the early '70s, a 49cc Raleigh Runabout, a machine which required pedaling into even the slightest headwind.  After progressing through a variety of bikes he qualified as a RAC Instructor in 1976 and has ridden motorcycles ever since, thankfully all of them a little faster than the Raleigh.  He knows New Zealand like the back of his hand and will probably be the one who picks you up from the Airport, hands over your bike and deals with the paperwork.  He is an 'I' Endorsed Motorcycle Instructor and a NZTA Assessor for BHST, and CBTA 6R and 6F, so if you want to sit your motorcycle test in Ashburton he's the one to talk to. 

Likes red wine, losing at chess to his 9 year old son and playing around with old tractors.
Iron Butt 54971



Trevor looking cute

Trev - Mr Fix It

Trevor has worked on his family farm his whole life but has always been into things mechanical. He had a lathe in his bedroom when he was a teenager and built his first steam locomotive at 15 (true). If anything needs doing, whether it's extending the handlebar risers or customising a set of pannier mounts, Trev is the man to see.  All round nice guy and a shoulder to cry on if you get a parking ticket.  His current rides are a Suzuki Gladius and Honda ST1300.

Likes getting his hands dirty, latin dancing and not being stuck behind campervans.



Ruth planning a motorcycle tour

Ruth - Ride Coordinator & Mrs Nice

Ruth likes to think she's the brains behind the business, always coming up with an idea for this or a suggestion for that. Loves to ride and once rode the entire length of NZ on a Suzuki GN125, only falling off once, which she claims was on purpose...  Her current ride is a Yamaha MT-03

Likes sausages, nice policemen and romantic walks around shopping malls.



George, a bored teenager

George - Apprentice Everything

George bought his first dirt bike when he was 9 years old and quickly progressed. George cleans the bikes, sweeps the workshop and does all the odd jobs that need doing, for some reason his favorite job seems to be road testing our bikes after they've been serviced, or washed, or returned, or fueled, or even just to check the horn. A very keen skier, into any sport he can find, just loves his rugby and plays halfback for the local team.  His current ride is a Honda CBR125.

Likes cleaning floors, washing windows, making the tea - all the usual teenage stuff...yeah right.




Why we do what we do

We operate CircleNZ because we love riding motorcycles and want to share our enthusiasm with you - it's really that simple.

We have some of the best motorcycling roads and most spectacular scenery in the world, right on our doorstep, so come and meet us, we're real people who want to help you get the most out of your trip.

  • Personal Service
  • Experienced Riders
  • Local Knowledge
  • Gateway to the Southern Alps

If you're looking for motorcycle training or wish to sit either your Basic Handing Skills Test (BHST), or Competency Based Training Assessment (CBTA) for 6R or 6F contact us. We now have NZTA Approved courses running in Ashburton. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements.